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Commercial Objectives

Revitalis Technologies Thailand Limited have the immediate commercial objects as follows (but not limited to):

Secure collaborative Agreements: Where the Revitalis Ocean Mineral products can be used in the green energy, battery and perpetual power industry.  Also blended with other products within cosmetic, health and drink industries. Aiming to secure bulk product manufacture and supply contracts with established organizations. Thus, maximizing yield and potential through joint product ventures that are established. Adding serious value and uniqueness to existing product lines.

Secure Bulk Distribution Agreements: Where the Revitalis Monatomic products have massive national and global export, stand-alone potential, we seek agreements with established, commercial experts in Distributing our exciting products and brand. Making Revitalis Monatomics products accessible to domestic and commercial markets, whether in coffee, cosmetics, nutrition, health, agriculture, aquaculture or environmental divisions.

Secure Licenses for individual countries: Where established businesses have an opportunity to secure a country territory for a fixed licensing fee, knowing they have complete autonomy to their product agreement and territory, thus concreting that we will not compete in that area, moreover, only supply product to the agreed terms. The fee securing a long-term relationship and surety to the commercial decision and protection of both parties.

Revitalis Technologies Thailand Limited have the products that are scientifically and naturally ahead of the competition. These unique products have limitless applications for multiple industries and the supply is infinite. Everything is possible and everything started from the Ocean and seas. It is quite possible that it could be the natural products of the Oceans and Seas that could save humanity. The beginning finding the end, that becomes the new beginning.