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Ocean Minerals

Revitalis Ocean Minerals are pure, organic and completely natural, formed from one ocean mineral base product. Useful in the areas of:


Fertilizer for plants, flowers and crops, for healthier, stronger, resilient, more productive and tastier results.

Fertilizer for coffee growers for amazing new taste and type.

Fertilizer for huge legalized CBD growers for better purity and quality of product production.

Stronger more disease resistant crops with cellular perfection and density, creating thicker skin, thicker stem and more naturally bug resistant.


Fertilizer for fisheries, for larger, faster growing, more reproductive, healthier, tastier fish.

Fertilizer for the repair of Coral.


Night Cream for amazing anti-aging rejuvenation.

Facial Cream for oily skin, acne, scar removal, age spots, skin tightening, wrinkle reduction.

Cream for dry skin mixed with 5% virgin coconut oil, which moistens and freshens skin. Natural Skin Serum for all over body use, at less density than the cream for easy all over body application, for anti-aging, skin repair, scars, burns, stretch marks.

Skin Serum specifically for dry skin, mixed 5% virgin coconut oil for dry, itchy skin which rejuvenates at same time.

Serum Face mist, light relief and rejuvenation.


Solid state electromagnetic battery technology, creating infinite power & lightweight batteries.

Lithium Cation Ion plasma for use in perpetual power plasma batteries.

Lithium Cation Ion Plasma for use in solar industry to create perpetual power.

Health and Nutrition:

Drinkable Serum containing vital minerals and nutrients for optimum health, boosting vitality and unlocking the body natural healing code.

Monatomic Bio available Diet pills, which could be the best on earth as promote optimum health and assist in weight loss.

Monatomic Bio available food and mineral healthy supplement pills, with potential to be the most health advantageous on earth.

Monatomic Healthy Mineral structured water, medically accepted to be the most beneficial water to the human body on earth.

Monatomic Nutrition Industry Bio additive to boost absorption of whatever vitamin or nutrient it is mixed with.


Hand cleaner, shower gel, toothpaste, body scrub, for clean living with nutritional benefits.

Monatomic Bio available Mineral Coffee Boost sachet. Instant energy boost delivering vital minerals and nutrients that the body requires.

Monatomic Bio available Mineral Energy Boost sachet. Instant energy boost delivering vital minerals and nutrients that the body requires.