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The solution to many agricultural problems is Revitalis Ocean Mineral Fertilizer. Use Revitalis Fertilizer and you have the reality of organic Disease Control as the plants get healthier, grow stronger in structure and yield more fruit. Again, more return for your money. Working in extreme climatic conditions and lands, helping to achieve results, which defy historical farming practices.

Th 28 monatomic elements, that are ionized subatomic and monatomic particles, are positively charged, captured and extract from the ocean, perfect for growing healthier, bigger, tastier and higher yield crops, fruit and plants. Applying externally, watered down (200:1), the 28 essential elements, have zero toxicity or danger towards humans, animals or plants.

As all normal fertilisers need to be naturally dispersed in large particle size, a high percentage of this fertiliser goes to waste. With monatomic technologies, we can direct applicate spray to the plants and/or trees and the particle size allows the plant to absorb through the leaves or the trunk. A little bit of our product is worth a lot more to a farmer. We have noticed through our trials, 30 to 40% more fruit flower, up to double sized fruit. Earlier fruit to market, with more consistent sizing and yield, depending on the natural cycle of the specific farming.


The solution to many general health and immune system worries is Revitalis Ocean Mineral Serum. Just 3mm to 5mm of Revitalis Ocean Mineral serum each day and you will feel the energy and general wellness feeling increase very rapidly. Where the nano particle size minerals and nutrients bypass digestion and enter the blood stream efficiently, they are the perfect solution to immune system boost and restoring lost energy. The natural electromagnetic charge of the Revitalis Ocean Mineral also assisting in the increasing of natural energy, and this happens in minutes, not hours or days. Size does matter, meaning that something so small and cost effective can really assist in helping people improve health, fight illness and boost recovery times. Thousands of people have tried it and the results are constant. It makes you feel good and for sensible market pricing

Remembering that the feeling good is complimented on the outside of the body to match the inside working of the body, as clear results show rejuvenation of skin and hair, making the improvement an all over body experience.

Face Cream

Revitalis Ocean Mineral face cream tightens the skin through its deep mineral Monatomics and electromagnetically subatomic particles. It enhances the potential life of the cells at molecular level as it bridges depleting telomeres on the ends of the DNA strands. So, the results are consistent, making the skin structure of dermis and epidermis potentially rejuvenate and reject impurities.

Essentially, Revitalis Ocean Mineral face cream contains ionized, subatomic and monatomic particles that are positively charged, captured and extracted from the ocean, perfect for applying to the skin. 28 essential elements, including Potassium, magnesium, calcium, natrium, silica, sulphur in an alkaline environment. Most of these elements are responsible for healthy cellular repair, growth and revitalising effects on the human body. Giving the body a massive immune system energy boost, energy boost and making the appearance as good as the day you were born.

How it helps the body: As the skin is the biggest organ on the body, as you do to one cell, as you do to all. Meaning you apply the cream/serum and the nano particle size with absorb through the skin, regenerating you on a cellular level. Hence when applied to the skin, the skin feels fresher and is it tightens, but feeling amazingly softer to the touch as the cream dries.

People with various skin conditions can see amazing effects after application. Everything used, giving excellent benefits. 

Structured Water (H302)

How it helps the body: As the oceans’ mineral make up is all monatomic, these true natural elements are delivered to the body where they need to go and in their small particle size, can skip digestion. So, their absorption rate is far above anything else on the market.

Specifically, the elements help with:

  • K (Potassium)
  • Mg (Magnesium)
  • Ca (Calcium,
  • Na (Natrium, Sodium)
  • Si (Silicon)
  • S (Sulphur)

The positive effects are noted as generally improving:

  • Increased Energy.
  • Increased and improved concentration.
  • Improved memory.
  • Promoting weight loss.
  • Promoting stable weight maintenance of weight loss.
  • Promoting better sleep.
  • Supporting healthy immune system.
  • Supporting detoxification.
  • Supporting improved digestion and reduced constipation.

Originally, drinking water came from a natural source, e.g. rivers, streams and waterfalls, and it possessed natural energy. This is lacking in todays’ tap water and is responsible for many associated health issues today. Therefore, where our product has that energy and more, the benefit to the body, is that it can maximise the use of that energy.