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Unique Products

At Revitalis Technologies Thailand Limited, we are very proud of our unique and exciting products that are created in Thailand from some of the purest ocean sea water found on this planet, that being the Andaman Sea. Extracting the rich and valuable trace minerals, elements and nutrients, in nano-particle size form, that have natural electromagnetic energy. Sodium Chloride removed, perfectly natural, safe and organic, the only additive being natural spring water from Phuket (An original water source for Phuket in bygone days). The products being unique, original and focused on creating jobs and prosperity for Thailand, within a global brand.

In simple terms, our unique product range, stems from one base product, which is Revitalis Monatomic Serum. Therefore, the organic product list as an overview:

Ocean Mineral Fertilizer: Potentially one of the best fertilizers globally, as it promotes perfect cellular growth, regrowth and rejuvenation. Stronger cellular construction of the plant/crop/fruit, increased size of harvest, uniform bud sizing, longer season, faster growth and zero damage to soil as the plant is sprayed and the nitrogen is the safe atmospheric version.

Ocean Mineral Serum: Dietary supplement that is probably the most nutritional mineral and trace element supplement on earth. Unlocking the body’s natural healing code, promoting rejuvenation and optimum health. For the maintenance of healthy balance and massive increase potential of recovery from illness and serious illness.

Ocean Mineral Face Cream: A standalone rejuvenation skin product that repairs skin, enhancing appearance and youthful looks, with dramatic and consistent, honest results. The combination of nano-particle sized minerals, trace elements and electromagnetic monatomic and subatomic particles working magic.

Ocean Mineral Structured Water: Permanently structured water that carries serious nutritional and health improvement advantages, that improves the basic health to humans and animals due to the high minerals and trace elements. This product alone could improve the health of a nation.

Perpetual Solid-State Energy: When reduced to powder form, our base product forms a solid state monatomic electromagnetic powder that can produce a permanent and perpetual source of electricity. No charging or recharging, just pure perpetual energy. Limitless, organic energy and perpetual power from batteries that are small, lightweight and charged permanently.

Solar Energy Boosting Lithium Cation Ion: In our trials, we have discovered that when we apply a coating of our Lithium Cation Ion plasma to solar panel singular cells before manufacture, it enhances their performance to the point of producing 2 x power rating in the dark and 4 x power rating in the sun. A concept now, but maybe we can transform existing technology into clean, green, perpetual power.